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Young Women in Public Affairs

Zonta International's YWPA Award recognizes young women, ages 16-19, who demonstrate superior leadership skills and a commitment to public service and civic causes, and encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life.

Mallory Poff receives 2019 YWPA Scholarship

Zonta Club of Naples awarded Taylor Sorrell the 2017 YWPA

Taylor was awarded  $2,000

For more information, please download and complete the YWPA form.

Taylor had a  4.9 GPA while attending Palmetto High School here in Naples, FL.  She is currently a Freshman enrolled at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN majoring in agricultural and biological engineer with a focus in pharmaceuticals.


Taylor was selected into the Silver Wings fellowship group for being an outstanding Freshman.  This group is a national level civil organization where she will improve her professional skills while volunteering for the community.  Taylor is active in several clubs; Women in Science Program (WISP) which includes undergraduate and graduate women learning more the science community, and Purdue Relay for Life Club.

Letter from Taylor Sorrell - April 12, 2019

Taylor Sorrell presenting at

Undergrad Research Conference

Purdue University | April 2019

Good Afternoon Ladies,


Thank you again for Zonta's scholarship & support for my education.

I just wanted to reach out and share an update with the club.


Yesterday, I presented my research from the past two semesters at the Undergrad Research Conference here at Purdue University. I attached a picture of my presentation.  I will be finishing up my spring semester in a few weeks.  This summer is have been offered an internship with Bayer.  I will be working there most of the summer and taking 2 online classes.

Thank again,  Taylor Sorrell

Zonta Club of Naples awarded Kastahina Dooze

the 2017 Sally Sitta Award

Kastahina was awarded a $1,000 scholarship

Zonta is committed to expanding women's access to skills training and income-generating activities that lead to sustainable livelihoods and economic independence.  Some women find getting an education to be a difficult undertaking, especially when childbearing enters the picture.  We realize the financial burden attending higher education may place on a family.


The Sally Sitta Scholarship is awarded to students at the Lorenzo Walker Technical College.  The student has to be enrolled at the college and majoring in health science curriculum or nursing.



For more information, please download and complete the Sally Sitta award form.


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